Activities have some hidden features, some that can even be configured, but not from the UI. They also have a nice plugins system that is far from the user’s eyes.

I am planning to make a system settings module for it, but haven’t gotten to do it yet. The configuration in the plasma’s activity browser panel just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It would be quite nice if someone stepped up to implement at least some parts of it. Even starting and leading a discussion on the mailing list regarding the UI would be beneficial.

There are some similarities between kwin and kamd in this regard. Plugins could be shown like kwin effects are, in a list, but some of them provide features that should be shown in a more pleasant way.

These are the features that need to be covered OTOH:

  • Creation and deletion of activities, and the other things currently available in the activity browser
  • Configuring which applications should be tracked (record which documents they open) - globally and per-activity
  • Private activities - setup, do-not-track option, extendable to include more features
  • more…