Well, I’m very glad to announce the release of M1 (milestone 1) version of Lancelot. This is not a 1.0 version, but the significance is that this is the first one meant for public use. This also means that the “don’t file bugs, this is pre-alpha software” era is now over. So from now on, bugs.kde.org is your friend.

M1 (the revision number 843716)

The menu is in a good shape, and is quite usable. The main feature highlights are:

  • No-click application browser
  • Integrated KRunner
  • Parts of Lancelot on the desktop - drag a list section (Places, Devices…) right onto the desktop


Milestone releases regard only the KDE 4.1 branch of Lancelot (although the trunk is developed in parallel). I’ve decided to make a couple of them before 1.0:

  • M2: More powerful Parts applet. Ability to add the application browser and search box to the desktop
  • M3: Contacts section. I have hoped that KDE 4.1 will bring full switch to Akonadi and Decibel, but, since it didn’t happen, I’ll have to use the d-bus interface to KMail and Kopete.
  • M4: The configuration interface for the menu (now only the launcher applet can be configured)
  • 1.0 (M5): The final polished version

The “one-oh” version will be the final version for KDE 4.1. After that, only the trunk will be developed, and the versioning will return to normal 1.x, 2.x… (most probably in sync with KDE releases)