You may have seen that, according to NetApps Linux is used by 1% (or in words - one percent) of online users. There’s one thing to note, and that is the fact that not all Linux users are using it to surf, and that some are changing their user agent strings to mimic IE on Windows. The other, probably more important thing is that NetApps base their studies mostly on surfers from US of A.

Pie 1

As you can see in the chart above, the blue is 14%, red 33.5% and the yellow is the staggering 52.5%. This means that blue represents 14% of all computer users. And in this case it is not only 14% of the surfers, but of all computer users in the world. In the chart below, you can see that 14% separated from the red and blue parts, which represent 100 - 14 = 86% of the whole e-world’s population.

Pie 2


Obviously, the current statistics are not as important as the trends. In the following few charts, you can see the trends over the past few years. Naturally the data for the current year had to be extrapolated since 2009 is not yet over.

Pie 3

You can see that, although the blue had the largest share in 2006 with 1250 tested users (which was almost 70%), and the yellow had only 128 users, the yellow grew exponentially, and the blue grew insignificantly. Yellow had 512 in 2007, 1024 in 2008, and 2048 is predicted for 2009.

Pie 4

You can see the percentage chart during the past few years, which I think speaks for itself.