I’ve been using Blogilo for the last few blog posts, so I decided to write a few lines about it.

The Good

Well, almost everything. The program really works and feels nice like most KDE apps. Kate-based editor for the code - nice syntax colouring, code completion etc.

The Bad

The generated html code is formatted badly. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if you edit things using the ‘Visual Editor’, but it also reformats your manually entered html code.

The code in the editor gets reformatted on Preview. And on ‘Submit’, althoughit doesn’t change the code in editor, the submitted code to the server isreformatted.

Reported as BUG:268552

The Missing

The main thing I’m missing is auto-completion or a tag-cloud of the post tags used before.

The Overall

Even with the above, it is very likely that Blogilo will become my replacement for the WP’s web interface :)