If you were to pass by Sebas’ house these last few days of Tokamak 5, you’d see a window full of post-its that contained tasks that we plan to do (can be seen on Kevin’s blog).

Tokamak5 Logo
Tokamak5 Logo

One of the post-its was 1/8 in size compared to the normal ones and it only said TSP, an abbreviation for ‘The Secret Project’. I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was doing until I see what comes out of it.

So, after meddling with Xlib, strange code-paths in kde-workspace I’m proud to present a new splash screen engine that can do QML.

Why this? The main reason is that creating new splash screens currently sucks - everything is prerendered and the theme authors don’t really have any control over the process. That is probably the main reason we still have basically the same splash screen as we did in KDE (SC) 3.x.

Currently under a GIT branch of kde-workspace, KSplashQML allows the theme creator to define the animations in a more pleasant manner, to adapt the animation to the screen size…

The theme is rather simple - black/white KDE logo with rotating gear that fades into the logo that can be seen in the screenshot. If you are wondering why the text says ‘Friday’, it is because we are recognizing the fantastic song made popular by our idol Rebecca.

Tokamak 5 is approaching the end - only Marco and I still linger around (and Sebas, naturally) - and that is going to end tomorrow around noon.