I got back from Meeting C++ and I must say I loved every second of it. At first, it was a bit strange - I’m accustomed to KDE/Qt conferences where I know a lot of people. Here, it was not the case. It is a bit sad to see that barely anyone from the Qt community was there (apart from a few KDAB people), but that is a separate topic.

The conference started with the great Scott (pun intended) Meyers. The talk was less technical than most of us expected, but it was really awesome. It was filled with great advice for anyone wanting to write books or give talks. It even made me change a few parts of my presentation which was scheduled for the next day.

In Scott’s first slide, he had shown my favourite monument in Berlin - Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park. I followed, and raised him the one at Tiergarten.

Treptower, Tiergarten

It was a trully awesome feeling to speak in front of people like Scott Meyers, Hartmut Kaiser and Detlef Wilkening. And it was fantastic to see that people are really interested (quite surprising for me) in monads and asynchronous programming. I got a few questions in the Q&A section, and much more afterwards.

The next step for me is C++ Russia meeting in Moscow. It seems I’ll have the chance to meet Bartosz Milewski and Sean Parent there. Can’t wait!

Me at Meeting C++