As I’ve already mentioned, KActivities are now on KDE’s Phabricator.

One of the things I really did not like about our service is that in order to use the API to get your tasks and projects, you need to have administrator privileges. Therefore, no sane tool actually supports it.

Phabricator is much nicer in that regard. It has a nice API, and it even has a Python module which can be used to retrieve anything that you’d want it to.

The first thing I wanted is to pull the issues and review requests from Phabricator into the TaskWarrior (if you still do not know what TW is, you ought to investigate it right this instant).

There is an external tool called BugWarrior that is able to get the tasks from a range of different services like github, jira, bugzilla (does not work with and others. Fortunately, it also supports Phabricator.

Loading Phabricator tasks into the TaskWarrior
Loading Phabricator tasks into the TaskWarrior

The issue with the current version is that it pulls all tasks on Phabricator which means that you will get swamped with issues also from projects that you don’t work on.

I’ve made a patch to allow you to specify the projects you want the issues for. It is waiting to be merged, I expect it to be released with the next release of BugWarrior. Until then, you can just use my fork.

Don’t forget to read the documentation on how to set it up.