For some time I used the Mirakel application to manage tasks on my phone and to synchronize it to the TaskWarrior on my main system. Unfortunately, Mirakel devs do not have the time to fix all the issues the application has with TW synchronization, so I’m unable to use it anymore. (yes, I could contribute to the app, but I’m not a fan of Android as a development platform)

I had to find an alternative - I needed just a one-way sync - to be able to create a note on the phone, and to have it pulled into TaskWarrior when I come home.

One of the (unfortunately not Free Software) services I’ve started using some time ago to collect clippings from the Web is Evernote. And it has a nice integration into Blackberry and Android.

I’ve decided to write a small script that pulls notes from Evernote that have a specific tag, and to put them into TaskWarrior.

The script does not have many features at the moment (it will get a few things more soon), but it works.

It can be found on github -