Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Piter (St. Petersburg) for acclimatization training before the C++ Russia 2018 conference starts.

C++ Russia – the track in English
C++ Russia – the track in English

While most talks at C++ Russia are in Russian, this year will have more than a few amazing talks in English – from famous names like Andrei Alexandrescu, Jon Kalb and Herb Sutter, to a few less famous ones including yours truly. :)

My talk will be a bit out of my comfort zone – it will not be about monads nor any other aspect of functional programming. I’ll be talking about modern meta-programming for C++17 and 20 – the void_t meta-function and the detection idiom.

If you happen to be close to Piter, join us (the tickets are available at or if you just want to grab a beer, send me an e-mail.

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