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dr Ivan Čukić

Author of "Functional Programming in C++", KDE developer and Free/Libre software enthusiast

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Functional Programming in C++

If you like C++, you might be interested in my book. It contains quite a few gems of modern C++ programming.

It is available for purchase at:


Main projects

KDE Activities

Site: kde:kactivities


Activities gather different content like documents, applications, contacts etc. by leveraging usage statistics and semantic desktop technologies;

The project consists of the service which handles the activities, data encryption and collecting usage statistics.


Sites: kde:plasma, plasma-active.org


Plasma is the umbrella term for all graphical environments provided by KDE, and the rich UI framework used to implement those.

Side projects


Efficient task scheduling library for C++11, with heavy usage of template meta-programming techniques.

Qt Functional

Library that allows functional programming techniques in Qt.

Unplugged projects

The following projects are no longer being developed. Since they are published under GPL, anyone can start working on them.


Site: lancelot.fomentgroup.org


Lancelot is award winning application launcher menu (or ALI) for KDE 4 designed to provide a single start point for most user’s activities. It provides quick access to applications, places, documents, contacts, and system information.

The integral parts of the project, less visible to users, are PUCK (Plasma UI Compiler) and liblancelot (UI framework built on top of Plasma).


A deductive semantical database engine optimized for a minimal memory footprint.


Vide (Vim IDE) is a set of extensions for Vim that provide integrated project management, code browsing, ctags based quick search, and advanced project related settings.

I stopped working on Vide since there are a few nice Vim plugins which replace all its funcitonality now. To see what plugins I use, you can visit my .dotfiles repository.


Program for instant messaging and VoIP.


Site: kamion2.sourceforge.net

Kamion is a user-friendly user state migration and backup tool created for KDE Plasma. Meaning - it allows even the most inexperienced user to transfer program related data such as e-mail messages, IM program history as well as the configuration of those programs from one computer to another. It can be used for backup purposes too.

The project was discontinued by me and a couple of volunteers took over its maintainership. Unfortunately, nothing has happened since.



Nymph (former Geagle) was supposed to be media manager and player for Android platform. The UI mock-ups, database abstraction layer, and basic media playback service code is available from its site.

The project was abandoned due to lack of developers wiling to work on it.