The theme music in the background of this post (obviously, you don’t hear it, but let your imagination go wild) is from a rather dull movie, but with a more than awesome soundtrack:

“I have something to say, it’s better to burn out than to fade away… There can be only one!” ~ Kurgan


Well, I just wanted to show you the prize I won thanks to Qt Centre’s contest I mentioned sometime ago. Special kudos go to miss (or Mrs) Erica Brescia and Bitrock for providing me with this beauty!

And, I would like to take this chance to congratulate the other winers of the contest, and that I hope that they will enjoy their prizes as much as I do mine.


I’ve named my new pet eeeLancelot for obvious reasons. It currently runs with some strange looking KDE manufactured by Xandros. But not for long, I’ve begun the Debianization, so soon it will be a clean Debian GNU/Linux with KDE 4.2.


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